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Subcategory : Armoured Fighting Vehicles and Upgrades

Key Products : Armored Security Vehicles, Night Vision Equipment

Unival® Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced security technologies in Germany. Based in Bonn, Germany, Our clients are governmental organizations, NGO’s, multi-national companies and security companies in emerging markets. Unival® Group specializes in night vision equipment, handheld explosive detection devices, ballistic material supplies for both stationary and armored security vehicles and frequency and digital bomb jamming systems. Our vision is to create a comprehensive protection pattern that covers physical protection, explosive detection, night vision equipment “Made in Germany” and the latest counter IED technologies based on real-time digital wideband jamming systems for building- and convoy protection.

Armored Security Vehicles

The Armored security vehicles manufactured by Unival® Group are in accordance with German safety regulations. These armored security vehicles are manufactured with stringent quality measures for high ballistic protection. The materials used in the manufacture of the armored security vehicles are certified by both independent and government approved ballistic testing authorities. These armored security vehicles are available as Armored 4x4, Armored limousines, Armored trucks and Armored CIT, fitted with explosafe and armored fuel tanks and run flat systems. Our armored security vehicles are in full compliance with European standards

Night Vision Equipment

Unival® Group manufactures high quality and latest night vision and thermal imaging equipment. The image intensifying tubes used in the night vision equipment are built to withstand a high degree of wear and tear. The night vision equipment is designed so that clear vision is possible in lowest or no light situations. Our night vision equipment uses high-end technology tubes. The night vision equipment comes with a “made in Germany” tag which itself is a proof of its high quality. Night vision equipment is available in various configurations

Ballistic Material

Unival® Group is one of the leading Ballistic Material Suppliers in the market.  Our ballistic material supplies range from ballistic steel, ballistic ceramics, armoring kits, ballistic blankets, ballistic glass, armoured concrete containers and armored security vehicles. The ballistic steel is one of our main ballistic material supplies. It can be procured from stock in the form of cut, flat plate or formed and welded fabrications. All ballistic material supplies can be profiled to your requirement. Unival® Group ballistic material supplies are certified by independent, government approved ballistic testing authorities. Our ballistic material supplies adhere to industry standards and are made to last.

Bomb Jamming Systems

FPGA And Digital Bomb Jamming Systems

Unival® Group has the most advanced real-time FPGA and digital bomb jamming systems with unrivalled German quality standards. The FPGA controlled digital bomb jamming systems allows efficient disabling of powerful radio and cellular communication means and special devices through effective allocation of jamming power based on efficient risk analysis and latest FPGA chip technology. In addition we offer shielding for our vehicles to protect the passengers against EMV radiation created by digital jamming systems to ensure radiation exposure limits. The FPGA digital bomb jamming system has fully programmable software based on high-end FPGA (field programmable gate array) technology. It has a compact construction and a totally synchronized wide band 10 MHz to 8GHz (up to 18 GHz). The FPGA and digital bomb jamming system also comes with a free input and output configuration.

Explosive Detection Devices

Handheld Explosive Detection Devices

Unival® Group is the exclusive global distributor for SNIFFEX®PLUS, a handheld explosive detection device. This highly efficient hand held explosion detection device enables the detection of explosives from average distances between 2m - 100m (depending on type and quantity of the explosive) even when the explosives are hidden in buildings or in vehicles, behind barriers like concrete walls and metal barriers. Unlike other hand held explosive detection devices, SNIFFEX®PLUS can detect explosives in one search round only, saving time and resources. This handheld explosion detection device is immediately ready for use and does not require extensive set up.

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