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With more than 35 years of experience, TSS International specialises in Armour Mobility: keeping special (armoured) vehicles moving and able to get to safety in the hardest of circumstances. Whether it concerns Runflat systems, heavy duty alloy wheels, protected fuel tanks, heavy-vehicle brake systems or vehicle intercoms, TSS aims to provide you with the best products and highest service to fulfil your mobility needs.

Mobility is a vehicle’s most important asset; TSS International makes sure your vehicle gets to use that asset as long as possible.

Heavy Duty Wheels

TSS has developed wheels especially for luxury armoured vehicles. These 1-piece alloy wheels have a TuV certified pay-load of 1800 kgs per wheel and are especially designed to give optimum performance with Rodgard Runflat Systems and StopTech Big Brake Kits. Ballistic testing has shown these wheels do not crack when shot at, making them very suitable for the hardest circumstances. Vehicles served by these wheels are among others: Toyota Land cruiser 200 V8, Mercedes-Benz G-class, Mitsubishi Pajero, Range Rover, Land Rover Defender, GMC Suburban, Mercedes-Benz S-class, Hyundai Equus and Lexus LS and LX.

Tank Fuel System Protection

By converting your standard fuel tank into a TSS ProtecTank, you protect yourself and your passengers against leakage, explosion and fire which can be caused by your fuel tank being shot at. A fuel tank being shot at is at its most dangerous when it is half empty, due to the high flammability of the fumes. TSS ProtecTank technology minimises explosions, self-seals ruptures and limits the effect of any external fire.

And last but not least: TSS ProtecTank makes sure your vehicle gets to use its main energy source as long as possible: its fuel.

Security Brake Systems MOV’IT Security

Heavy duty brakes for armoured vehicles

The added weight of an armoured vehicle’s protection has its effects on the original brakes. To make sure your vehicle can safely stop, more than once, heavy duty brake upgrades are required.

MOV’IT Heavy Duty Security Brakes deliver the most consistent and best performance with:

  • High grade steel calipers
  • Larger and thicker rotors and brake pads for more friction surface and heat dissipation
  • Braided, stainless steel brake lines
  • Better balance for the added weight and higher centre of gravity

MOV’IT Security heavy duty brake systems for armoured vehicles are now exclusively available at TSS International.

Rodgard Runflat Systems

A vehicle’s traction and control is greatly determined by its tyres. Normally, when a tyre is punctured, traction and control are rapidly reduced, because the tyre is no longer held in place and will eventually remove itself from the wheel. Rodgard Runflat Systems make sure the tyre remains in place and keeps contact between the vehicle and the road, providing full control over the vehicle, even with more than one flat tyre.

Rodgard Runflat Systems are available in different configurations, with flat tyre mobility ranging from 15 to 80 km at speeds suitable to get to a safe location. Rodgard Runflat systems are available for standard 1-piece rims ranging in size from 13 to 22.5 inch in diameter. Rodgard Runflat Systems comply to Finable Standards

B&G Vehicle Intercoms, Emergency Lights

For users of armoured vehicles, it is clear that the protection level of the vehicle is at its highest when all doors and windows are closed. A road block or checkpoint’s goal might very well be to force you to open a window or door to communicate with someone on the outside and to weaken the protection of the vehicle. This is a situation which can be easily prevented with B&G Vehicle Intercoms. Discretely fitted loudspeakers and microphones on the outside and inside of the vehicle allow for a clear communication from within the safety of your armoured vehicle. Optional red/blue traffic lights in the grill can help clear the way in an emergency and a battery monitor prevents that your batteries are drained when you need a lot of electronics in your vehicle.

TSS has solutions for a wide range of vehicles, including but not limited to SUV’s, Limousines, Personnel Carriers, Ambulances  and Cash in Transit vehicles.

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