Company : Southern Electronics (Bangalore) Pvt. Ltd.

Category : Army

Subcategory : Fire and Explosion Protection

Key Products : Avionics Equipment, Ground Test Equipment

Southern Electronics, an AS 9100B and ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company is an established leader in providing top quality product and services in the Avionics and Fire & Safety Industries. Established in 1971, the company is engaged in design, development and manufacture of original Avionics and Ground Support Equipment, Electronics and other Electro-Mechanical items used by the Armed Forces and Indian Aviation Industry.

The Company has successfully implemented several projects Like:

  • Communication System for Military Aircraft and Helicopters
  • Test Equipments for servicing various Aircraft Sub Systems
  • Automatic Fire Suppression System for Mining Equipments, Light Combat Aircraft, Armoured Military Equipments, and Electrical Panel. Fire Protection for Metro Stations and Airports.
  • CNC machined Aerospace Components
  • Cable looms for Aircraft

Avionics Equipment Manufacturers

Avionics Equipment manufactured by Southern Electronics is through our research and development. Many of them are import substitutes including equipment on-board Aircraft and have been certified for quality, functions and acceptability by the accredited agencies of the Indian Government.

The core competence of the company lies in its ability to offer customised solutions for various requirements in the field of Avionics and Fire Protection. The vast exposure in Digital Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Engineering has given the company strength and ability to take up development and manufacture of a wide spectrum of products.

Southern Electronics is committed to provide solutions to customers instead of just selling products and services. The Company constantly looks for developing Avionics Equipment to meet and exceed its customer expectations.

The Organisation is also committed to provide quality Avionics Equipment at reasonable cost backed by efficient services through its trained engineers.

Providing the most cost effective solution with the use of the best technologies, yet requiring the least resources for maintenance is our skill and we processes the know-how.

Ground Test Equipment

Southern Electronics manufactures a wide range of Ground Test Equipment to test engine and cockpit rotables / assemblies / LRUs for fighter aircraft, transport aircraft and ALH.

Cable Looms / Harness Manufacturers

Southern Electronics manufactures Cable harness for:

  • MIG 27 Aircraft
  • SU 30 Aircraft
  • BRAHMOS Missiles
  • Armored Vehicles

Looms fabricated are as per Technical Specification / Drawings, Astro files and Technology given by Customer. Soldering and Crimping is done by Trained Technicians certified by DGAQA. Special customized Tools are used for Crimping, Duff joints and long joints. All fabricated Looms are subjected to ATP before Acceptance by QC and DGAQA

CNC Machined Components

Southern Electronics has commenced its CNC Machining activities and CAD/ CAM Centre for manufacture of precision machined components for Aerospace, Defence and Industrial Applications.

Our facility is equipped with the following:

  • Jyothi Make CNC Machining Centre – Model 1260 with a Table size of 1400 mm X 630 mm.
  • DMG make Turn Mill Centre – Model CTX310 ECO with machinable diameter 210 mm and length of 320 mm.
  • ACE make Turning Centre – Model, Super Jobber with Mission turning diameter of 290 mm and turning length of 400 mm.

We use licensed version of CAD/CAM – Power Mill 2010 and Power Shape 2010 for design, development and manufacture. We also have an in-house metrology facility for in-process / finished product inspection. The inspection equipment includes TRIMOS make Vertical Height Master – Model – Vectra Toch 1000, with a measuring range of 1016mm and a resolution of 0.0001mm. The Surface Table is 1000mm X 1000mm with an accuracy of 6.5 micron.

Fire Suppression Systems

Customized Fire protection systems are being manufactured by us as OEM fitment for Mining Equipment, Armored carrier, etc. Fire Suppression Systems are simple self activating system, specially designed for installation inside closed cabins and machinery housing to detect and extinguish fire automatically at source, at its early stage. Fire Suppression Systems are ideal for any application where the fire risk is located within an enclosure or confined space. Fire Detec puts out fire, where they start, by means of a flexible fire detection and delivery tube. The application of this Fire Suppression Systems includes Generator rooms, Machinery, Electrical Panels, Computer Installations, etc. The system can be offered with a variety of quenching agents like Water, CO2, Foam and Dry chemical powder.

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