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Key Products : Shooting Training Device, Portable Case, Indoors Training

Founded in Oulu (Finland) in 1982, the NOPTEL Company specializes in the development and manufacture of optoelectronic measurement systems and devices. Noptel’s product line encompasses two major areas: Laser rangefinders and Shooting training products.

NOPTEL employs thirty persons and has been a subsidiary of the Belgium-based FN HERSTAL since 2011. Today, NOPTEL’s expertise as a key player in developing military qualified and military proven optoelectronic products is well established.

Noptel Expert

The Noptel Expert is an optical multi-functional shooting training device, which is used for shooting skills training. It is used indoors with scaled-down targets and simulated shooting distances, or outdoors with life-size targets and real shooting distances.

It measures rifle movement, identifies the shot, shows the location of both the hit and miss, and analyzes the performance of the shooter. It can be mounted onto most rifles, either to the barrel or the Picatinny rail. The NOS Pro application runs on standard Windows PC as well as in Windows Tablet PC, connected via USB or Bluetooth.


  • Ready to use in minutes by any shooter
  • Fully portable
  • Training anywhere and anytime
  • Wireless operation
  • Rugged construction
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Passive and active targets

The Noptel Expert is used in:

  • Military training centres
  • Military bases
  • Military schools
  • Police training centres
  • Police stations
  • Special Forces
  • Security training centers

Portable Case

The small portable case includes all necessary parts for indoor training and short distance outdoor training for one shooter, making it simple to establish shooting range for marksmanship training.

Indoors Training

Basic training concentrates in achieving sufficient basic marksmanship skills and to understand the shooting principles. In basic training the shooter will improve the aiming, holding and triggering skills. In typical indoor training setup, the shooters are in a conventional class room.

Basic training indoors, 5-10 m

  • Shooting techniques
  • Positions, holding, aiming, trigger control
  • Simulated targets
  • Disciplines (distance, target size)
  • Dry firing

Indoor Range Training, 25-50 m

  • Reactive shooting
  • Multiple targets
  • Real size targets
  • Night shooting
  • Target selection
  • Dry firing

Shot Display

Noptel shot display is very useful when it comes to shooting analysis, immediately providing users with accurate information about each session. The NOS software displays key factors for an excellent marksman - hold, aim and trigger control - in a visual and numeric guide. It helps to enhance the quality of training.

Silhouette Target Display shows in dynamic training the hits and misses, allowing also rapid shooting and multitarget shooting.

Outdoors Training

Furthermore, the system can be used for advanced training in a shooting range up to 300 m. In advanced training, the targets are often normal size marksmanship targets. In more advanced training each shooter can have one or more electronic targets at varying distances. In the field the shooter can train manoeuvering and situational skills with a buddy pair or within a group.

Outdoor range training, 50-150 m

  • Normal shooting distances
  • Environmental adaptation
  • Multiple targets
  • Real size military targets
  • Timed targets, multiple targets
  • Reactive shooting
  • Dry firing or blanks

Maneuver training, 7 - 75 m

  • Timed targets, multiple targets
  • Rapid shooting, reactive shooting
  • Shooting on the move
  • Buddy pair training, squad training
  • Blanks

Target Hit Indicator

The NTM-10 target module detects the hit and miss and gives a bright flash when hit. The Noptel Target Hit Indicator is utilized with Noptel Expert shooter training device indoors or out of doors. The target system can be used stand-alone on a pole or tripod, or mounted and connected to a pop-up target lifter, when a pop-up type function is required.

NTM-10 comprises Prism, Target receiver, led hit flash, hit counter and connection to target lifter. The unit is water tight and can be used indoors and out of doors. When the Noptel Expert training device detects a hit, it sends an optical hit beam to the target. Target receiver detects it and gives a bright flash. The hit counter is increased by one hit.

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