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Subcategory : Data Recording and Storage

Key Products : Data Encryption, Virtual Private Networks

Mils Electronic develops and supplies highly secure email, data and network encryption systems. Having integrated the strongest possible encryption algorithms and the one time pad encryption method into the cryptographic function, Mils Electronic is able to offer a range of solutions.

The solutions offered by Mils Electronic are Message cipher station, Mils Mail security plug-in Mils Courier secure files exchange and, Virtual private networks. The advantages of the simple and reliable products are varied - top level security, option of testing the products in real environment, tailor made solutions for adaptability, e-mail Encryption, Data Encryption, Virtual Private Networks, and Best Encryption, Key Generation, message encryption, customer support, consultation for the life of the product.

E-mail Encryption

Mils Electronic provides a plug-in for the standard Microsoft Outlook e-mail client and it allows the client an e-mail encryption with utmost security. There is no need to leave clients standard e-mail encryption in this e-mail environment. E-mail encryption is the perfect solution for existing MS Outlook configurations, which suffers from a simple to use and strong functionality. These solutions are offered at nominal prices to the customers. This e-mail encryption is used in various applications.  A dedicated messaging client for the secure transmission of sensitive messages is possible via e-mail encryption. A fully rugged mobile communication terminal for the perfectly protected exchange of messages in tough environments is possible through email encryption.

Data Encryption

Mils Electronics offers a secure data encryption to its clients. Utmost connectivity and straight-forward use describes Mils Electronics secure data encryption. It focuses on the data encryption of files and folders and on the forwarding of the same via various transmission possibilities. Through this data encryption one can add security to the data in windows explorer. Data encryption allows the encryption of files and folders on local or remote storage media. With data encryption a windows application allows the setup and management of closed user groups and their associated cryptographic security modules.

Virtual Private Networks

Mils Electronics’ Virtual Private Networks technology delivers uncompromising protection for communication. Mils’ Virtual Private Network products ensure all aspects relevant to security are addressed consistently at all times – from perimeter defense, through secure and highly available links with subsidiaries. Mils Electronics provide comprehensive protection through Virtual Private Networks. The Mils Agent ensures secure connection for travelers to the corporate LAN through these virtual private networks. A sophisticated solution for the maintenance and instant control of all Mils Gates is maintained through virtual private networks. A Windows application that allows the setup and management of closed user groups and their associated cryptographic security modules is possible through virtual private netwoeks.

Key Generation

Mils Electronics has a long tradition in the development of random key generations. Mils’ Key Generation incorporates its experience and provides utmost flexibility. In key generation the size, format and layout of the key sequences can be generated. Key generation can be customized as per the requirements of the clients. Through this key generation true random key production on personal computers is provided to the clients. This key generation service is provided at reasonable prices to its clients by Mils.

Message Encryption

The core competence of Mils Electronics is to protect client’s secret messages with message encryption. Mils products guarantee confidentiality and authenticity of client’s sensitive information through the message encryption. Message encryption allows exchange of protected messages within a closed group of users. Message encryption is very simple to operate at the minimum of training. Through this message encryption the security of mails is applied for the entire lifespan every message, whether the mail is transmitted, stored on the PC, or archived to an external medium. This message encryption is offered at cost effective prices by Mils.

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