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Kadevi Industries Ltd., (formerly known as Kadevi Engineering Co. Ltd.,) established in 1964 has been manufacturing Communication Antennas and Pneumatic Telescopic Masts. Subsequently the company expanded its wings into various manufacturing and service fields. The product range includes Telecom Towers, Antennas Systems, Fasteners, Telescopic and Guyed Masts, Counterpoise Earth Systems, and Generator Sets. The services of the company are mainly divided in to two divisions.

Manufacturing Divisions:

Telecom Towers, Transmission Towers, Steel Rolling Mill, Antenna Systems, Fasteners, Telescopic & Guyed Masts, Counterpoise Earth Systems, Power Generators.

Service Divisions:

Telecom EPC & TSP, Towers Installations, Hot Dip Galvanising.

Telecom Towers

Kadevi is one of the largest Telecom Towers manufacturing companies in India. Kadevi has supplied and erected around 10,000 towers of various designs of Angular GBT & RTT, Hybrid Tubular GBT & RTT. The company in the last 3 years has supplied Telecom Towers to the leading cellular operators and Telecom infrastructure companies like Reliance, Tata Teleservices, Vodafone, Airtel, Essar, Indus, SPEL, Quippo and BSNL.

Kadevi’s wide range of Telecoms Towers includes:

  • Four Legged Angular Bolted Self Supporting Ground Based Towers (From 30mtrs to 150mtrs)
  • Four Legged Angular Bolted Self Supporting Rooftop Based Towers (From 9mtrs to 27mtrs)
  • Three legged Tubular & Angular Bolted Self Supporting Ground Based Towers (From 30mtrs to 60mtrs)
  • Three legged Tubular & Angular Bolted Self Supporting Rooftop Based Towers (From 9mtrs to 27mtrs)
  • Four Legged Angular welded Guyed Ground Based Tower (From 12mtrs to 40mtrs)



Kadevi Industries Ltd offers a wide range of Fasteners to its customer’s allover India. Kadevi Industries Ltd. Fasteners division is equipped with expertise manpower at the related areas and having state of art complete automatic in house manufacturing facilities right from Coil drawing stage to Hot Dip Galvanization.

The wide range of Fasteners include hexagonal Bolts, Nuts, Studs, U-Bolts, F-bolts, Washers. The Fasteners configurations can be customised as per the customer specifications.

Base Station Antennas

The Base Station Antennas for GSM/CDMA/3G communication systems operates in a frequency bands ranging from 809 MHz to 2170MHz MHZ.

The portfolio of antennas includes single band, dual band, fixed tilt, variable tilt, single polarized, dual polarized versions. Judicious combinations of these variable parameters result in a large variety of models having one or more of the below mentioned features:

  • Improvement of gain
  • Suppression of vertical side-lobes
  • Improved directivity
  • A wide choice of horizontal and vertical beam widths

Microwave Antennas

Microwave parabolic Antennas produce highly directional beams and are used in point-to-point communication systems. Kadevi Industries Ltd., offers Microwave Antennas in the frequency band ranging from 4.4 GHz to 26.5 GHz and in the sizes of 0.3m, 0.6m and 1.2m diameter. Both single polarized and dual polarized versions are available. As the increasing use of microwave links witnessed to-day calls for effective control of RF interference, Kadevi’s Microwave Antennas are offered in two performance grades viz.


Transmission and Distribution

Kadevi Industries Ltd., Transmission and Distribution division provides total turnkey solution for power sector customers. Kadevi is one of the leading companies for the engineering design and fabrication of steel structure.

The product range of Kadevi includes all types of transmission tower starting from 132KV to 400KV. All the towers are manufactured as IS 802-1984 & IS 5613. The prototype towers are tested at CPRI and at separate test national test labs.

Pneumatic Telescopic Mast

Over the last 45 years, we have pioneered the art of making all types of Telescopic Masts and Guyed Tower to cater for the Vital and Mission critical Integral and Tactical Communication needs of Indian Armed Forces and other establishments.

Kadevi Industries Limited has been approved by DIRECTOR GENERAL OF QUALITYASSURANCE (DGQA) for supply of Masts to Indian Army meeting stringent standards.

Pneumatic Telescopic Mast is ideal for fixed and mobile radio communication, surveillance, elevated testing and mobile radar applications. Pneumatic Telescopic Mast could be deployed for extended periods and are versatile. Ease in operation, quick deployment and transportation are the key differentiators of these masts when compared to other types.

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