Company : Hatehof

Category : Army

Subcategory : Armoured Fighting Vehicles and Upgrades

Key Products : Armored Personal Carrier Vehicles, Aircraft Refuelers

Carmor Integrated Vehicle Solutions (previously known as Hatehof), was founded in 1947and is among  leading manufacturers of high quality, field proven Armored Personal Carrier vehicles, Aircraft Refuelers, Firefighting vehicles and Riot Control vehicles.

Backed by a global reputation built on 60 years of excellence, Carmor's interdisciplinary team of highly experienced engineer’s facilities enable the company to handle multiple large-scale, complex projects simultaneously.

Carmor offers a complete range of in-house services: concept, design, manufacture, assembly, inspection, professional literature and cataloging.

Armored Personal Carrier

Carmor is the world's leading manufacturer of advanced wheeled armored Personal Carrier Vehicles. It supplies high quality low life-cycle cost armored Personal Carrier Vehicles to Israel Defense Forces.

Quality production and cost-effective products provides a superior performance in the field of armored Personal Carrier Vehicles. Carmor's armored vehicle division introduced a four new 8 ton, multipurpose vehicle, 4x4 wheeled armored Personal Carrier Vehicles.

Aircraft Refuelers

Carmor provides full design for manufacturing Aircraft Refuelers. Its aircraft Refuelers are fast safe and efficient. Carmor’s aircraft Refuelers are custom-made. In addition to this, specific models are especially designed to be fully air transportable aircraft Refuelers.

Carmor’s aircraft Refueler tanks are tailor made to hold a capacity of 3,000 to 60,000 liters. Carmor offers a wide choice of features and accessories as meter and hose real in aircraft Refuelers. Carmor uses advanced technology to produce these aircraft Refuelers. Carmor’s aircrafts Refuelers are known for its quality.

Firefighting Vehicles

Carmor’s Aircraft Refuelers are quick intervention vehicles. Hatehof uses fiberglass superstructure to manufacture these Aircraft Refuelers. The capacity of this firefighting vehicle is 1000 liter, 50 liter foam.

Aircraft Refuelers have a high pressure pump at 32 lit/min.

Carmor’s Aircraft Refuelers consist of G.R.P Material and glass fiber. These Aircraft Refuelers are made from reinforced polyester. Carmor’s Aircraft Refuelers are made up of self-supporting G.R.P constructions. These Aircraft Refuelers are known for their quality.

Riot Control Vehicles

Carmor’s Riot Control vehicles are equipped with advanced standard features like high level armor protection. A Riot control vehicle consists of a powerful hydraulic Shovel for overcoming barricades. Riot control vehicle has surround jets that prevent rioters from approaching the vehicle. A riot control vehicle has a specially designed body and door locks that open only from the inside preventing outsiders from climbing into the vehicle.

Fire suppressant system sprinklers Molotov cocktail ignite fire on the wheels in These Riot control vehicles. These Riot control vehicles are Semi- automatic single pulses. These Riot control vehicles are of continuous straight stream. These Riot control vehicles are also fully Automatic pulses.

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