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Key Products : Military Battery Assembly, Bb2590 Lithium Ion Battery and Charger

Manufacturer of various military equipments and field supplies since 1982

Golden Season is a Singapore registered company with products and services facilitating defense and law enforcement. The production quality of the company is ISO 9001 certified and has a pending CE mark. Golden Season has expanded into 5 departments specializing in their respective productions

  • Military food / humanitarian ration packs
  • Rescue and medical equipment
  • Energy and charger systems
  • Ammunition containers
  • Rapid deployable mobile shelters

Military Battery Assembly

Golden season offers a comprehensive range of smart military battery assemblies and smart charger systems. These include smart battery packs in various chemistries including lithium ion, lithium primary to alkaline. Military battery assembly has all in house injected casings. Gold plated contact in the military battery assembly range provides best conductivity. All the products in military battery assembly range exceed Mil-Specs requirement. Competitive pricing reliable quality makes Golden Season military battery assemblies a perfect choice. Golden Season is able to customize battery packs and chargers to your specifications at low costs.

Lithium Ion Battery

Bb2590 Lithium Ion Battery and Charger

BB2590 Lithium ion battery and charger pack consist of high capacity SAFT Li-ion Cells, with state of charge indicators activated with a button push. Rugged quality build of BB2590 Lithium ion battery and charger enable it to withstand field conditions. BB2590 Lithium ion battery and Charger smoothly replaces BB590, BA5590, BA5390, BA3590 and BB390 models.

Field Ration Packs

Field Ration Packs and Ready Meals

Golden Season can supply quality long life ready meals and field ration packs at competitive pricing. These meals are certified for HACCP, ISO9001 and HALAL (suitable for Muslim consumption). Golden Season is a strong supplier for troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, and manufacture meals for several companies under OEM basis. Humanitarian meals are also manufactured by Golden Season which were supplied to the Pakistan Earthquake in 2005 as well as the Czechuan Earthquake and Myanmar Cyclone in 2008. Golden Season is featured in Charity Journal, Please visit for more information.

Rapid Response Shelter Systems

Golden Season manufactures the TOPS rapid response shelter systems. The company provides complete package solutions of rapid response shelter systems to field accommodations, hospitals and temporary bases. The rapid response shelter systems can be assembled under 3 minutes by 3 to 8 people depending on the model. All TOPS systems have inbuilt window sets, cable inlets, air con / heating duct ports, ceiling and wall hooks. Integrated Insulation liners are optional in rapid response shelter systems and recommended with usage of ECU sets (heating and cooling).

Quality Ammunition Boxes

The Golden Season range of quality ammunition boxes is manufactured using up to date techniques. Techniques in metal strapping and modern materials are used in quality ammunition boxes to meet military requirements. Application of quality ammunition boxes are into all kinds of small ammunition fuses for artillery and cartridge. Golden Season quality ammunition boxes also find application in Grenade Launcher. All the quality ammunition boxes exceed specification of MIL - B - 3060E. Golden Season quality ammunition boxes are tested for air-tightness, water-proofing and Salt-spray. Quality ammunition boxes range includes:

  • M548
  • M61
  • M2A1
  • M19A1
  • H84
  • PA120

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