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Founded in 1968, Equipos Móviles de Campaña ARPA, designs, manufactures and supplies field logistic solutions on diverse types of mobile platforms Military field logistics, Field Hospital, Shelter, Container, Field tents. And also specializes in the design and manufacture of military, civil and health logistics, with over 40 years of experience and a range of over 200 products that are time-tested and proven for use in the field and in emergencies, currently equipping civil and military organisations in over 35 countries. These products are or have been deployed in multiple international missions for the interposition or maintenance of peace in Haiti, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Albania, Kosovo, Iraq, Bosnia, Malaysia or Chad, being part of the logistics of numerous Armed Forces.

Military Field Logistics

ARPA offers Military Field Logistics to its clients across the globe. In military field logistics the specialty they offer are living areas: kitchens, laundries, showers, hygienic services etc. On container or trailer and we make the development of integrated projects. - About field tents, the best tents are multipurpose aluminium modular tents: like the model Aluarpa (for dinning rooms, bedrooms) or hangars for maintenance, workshops or aircrafts parking.

Military Field Hospital

ARPA’s Field Hospitals are highly flexible and complex medical care systems. These field hospitals are based on modular structural components. These mobile field hospitals also facilitate the possibility to extend the capacity. The mobile field hospitals are intended for quick and safe use. High level of hygiene is maintained inside the field hospitals. The mobile field hospitals are equipped with all the necessary arrangements for basic clinical care.

Military Shelter

ARPA is considered among the most reliable providers of military shelters to its clients. ARPA shelters are proven systems for the severest duty in all the countries where it supplies its military shelters. ARPA’s military shelters are based on a self-supporting, lightweight aluminium-sandwich structure. In addition to this military shelters are distinguished by features like objective-oriented, creative and innovative designs. These military shelters are realized as solutions to demanding problems. Such exceptional features have increased the demand for military shelters and thus have led to the production of a major part of ARPA’s military shelters.

Military Container Solutions

ARPA offers a wide range of military container solutions to its clients. ARPA offers a wide range varying from ammunition container to medical container and military shelter to Military field logistics. It specializes in manufacturing high quality and safe Military containers used for various military operations. Military containers are designed in such a way of Mobile Hospital that environmental factors do not affect them. In case of any damage, ARPA also provides repairing services of military containers and other equipment. The containers provided by ARPA are made adhered to international standards. The containers are remarkable for their quality.

Military Field Tents

ARPA provides a wide range of field tents to its clients across the globe. ARPA offers various kinds of Field tents like ALUARPA DR Field Tents, ALUARPA Modular System, ARPA NM Pneumatic Tents, ARPA M6 Field Tents, Modular Tent ARPA AR-70 / EMRG.

The design of the Aluarpa Tent structure is with the minimum side wall slope guarantees the maximum habitability of its covered surface (more than 95%). Even its narrower model had features of great advantages of internal use compared to wall slope models which, in reality, hinder the existence of central corridors, by placing beds or tables in transversal position, The field tents don’t use the totality of the inside width. This advantage of the Aluarpa System (Field Tents) is even bigger if we consider it when the tents Have to include NBQ covers or inner body. These Field Tents are offered in three colours military green, sand and orange (recommended for hospital applications).

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