Company : Control Express Finland Oy

Category : Army

Subcategory : Communications Systems and Equipment (Army)

Key Products : CEF SRx Routers and switches, CEF WSx Workstations

Established in 1993, Control Express Finland Oy is the biggest designer and manufacturer of ruggedized industrial and military computers, computer displays and communications equipment in Finland. The expertise is focused on customizing and ruggedizing tried and tested COTS technologies for use in demanding environments.

Customers include international industrial companies and security companies as well as the Finnish Defence Forces. Cooperation with customers is based on tailored solutions and active product development. CEF’s expertise facilitates the design and manufacture of products for extremely demanding conditions. Technologies that operate reliably in challenging operating environments improve safety and optimize costs.

Tried and tested technology is at the core of the company’s expertise. The technical solutions are innovative, and they are based on long-term experience and the latest know-how. Good usability, durability and high tolerance of extreme conditions are among the features that ensure customer satisfaction.

The company’s mission is to provide computer solutions for customers who require equipment for demanding conditions. CEF is mainly into manufacturing of the Industrial products, security and automation products.

CEF Industry

CEF 8xs / 10s

CEF 8xs / 10s is designed and manufactured by Control Express Finland for military purposes. CEF 8xz / 10 s is an 8”/10” TFT display. CEF 8xs / 10 s are also in demand for industrial use. CEF 8xs / 10 s enhances accuracy. CEF 8xs / 10s also possess high productivity.

CEF 19xs

CEF 19xs is a high-standard military display manufactured by Control Express Finland. CEF 19xs is especially suitable for demanding graphic applications, where its high resolution enhances accuracy and productivity.


CEF WSx Workstations

CEF WSx Workstations are used for industries characterized by extreme operating conditions. CEF WSx Workstations are used since standard computers do not suffice the purpose. CEF WSx Workstations users include Finnish Defense force.


CEF WSx is a computer for demanding conditions. CEF WSx is a powerful computer suitable for use on board vehicles and harshest industrial environments. CEF WSx’s users include the Finnish Defense force. CEF WSz is also used for industries characterized by extreme operating conditions. CEF WSx is used by industries since standard office computers are not sufficient for their purposes.

CEF xs displays

CEF xs displays are of two types CEF 8x / 10s and CEF 19xs. CEF xs displays are designed and manufactured for military purposes. CEF xs displays enhance productivity. CEF xs displays enhances accuracy.


CEF Tx is generally unmanaged. CEF Tx usually come in 10Base –T or 100Base-TX Switches. CEF Tx is designed for military use. CEF Tx provides reliable LAN solution for demanding conditions. CEF Tx is shock and water resistant. CEF Tx is easily adaptable. CEF Tx is easy to use. CEF Tx is mobile.


CEF SRx Routers and Switches

CEF SRx Routers and switches are of two types CEF SRx and CEF Tx. CEF SRx routers and switches possess top-class durability for extreme operating conditions. CEF SRx routers and switches are usually designed for military use.


CEF SRx is a powerful managed router/ switch. CEF SRx function can be easily expanded by connecting various data transmission modules to CEF RSx. CEF SRx combines excellent data transmission properties with top-class durability necessary for extreme operating conditions.

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