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Subcategory : Electronic Warfare and Jamming Systems

Key Products : Digital Phase Shifter, Digital Attenuator, Low Noise Amplifier

Astra Microwave Products Limited (AMPL), a company founded in the year 1991 with its headquarters in Hyderabad, is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of high quality R.F. & Microwave Components and Sub-systems in India. An ISO 9001:2008 company, AMPL manufactures these components and sub-systems for Defense, Space, Telecommunication and Meteorology sectors and offers services from concept to completion. Starting 2004, AMPL has started export of its GaAs based MMIC products, available as die, package and connectorized module. Drop-in-modules are also available on request. The following sections list the various choices that are readily available.

Digital Phase Shifter

Astra provides a wide range of Digital Phase Shifter for application in T/R Modules in the frequency range from L to Ku Band. Low RMS phase errors and insertion loss with low insertion loss spread make these phase shifters an attractive proposition for designers. Digital Phase Shifter is TTL compatible and hence easy to integrate with the system. Phase shifters have already been proven in various customer systems and have met stringent environment conditions. The Digital Phase Shifter is available in Die, package and module forms.

Digital Attenuator

The MMIC portfolio of Astra caters to the attenuator needs of T/R control circuits by offering 6-Bit Digital Attenuator with an invariant phase over a wide frequency of operation. Among the existing attenuators, AMT2321014 covers the L & S Bands featuring RMS error as low as 0.25 dB with a phase variation of less than 5 degrees over the 64 states. AMT2361011 works over the frequency from L to X band, featuring RMS errors less than 0.35dB with phase variation as low as 10deg over 64 states. These attenuators inherit the on-chip TTL drivers. Design and development of new Digital Attenuator that work till 40GHz is under progress. Apart from the Digital Attenuator, analog attenuators from DC-2GHz operation are also available. Also available are the fixed attenuators with attenuation levels of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 dB.

Low Noise Amplifier

The portfolios of Low Noise Amplifiers are spread over the frequency range from L to Ka Band. Apart from Low Noise Figures, they feature excellent VSWR over the entire frequency of operation, with respectable P1dB and consume very low power. These Low Noise Amplifiers can also be used as gain blocks by tuning the voltages and thereby facilitating the user to use the same amplifier for multiple applications.

MMIC Power Amplifier

Astra provides MMIC Power Amplifiers with power levels as high as 10W till Ku band. These amplifiers exhibit good power added efficiencies and OIP3 levels. One of the important features of these Power Amplifiers is that they are well matched to 50 Ohms at both I/O ports making them easy for cascading in the system. Astra also provides the required driver amplifiers to drive these power amplifiers and hence making it a one stop solution for power amplifiers for use in transmit path.

Double Balanced Ring Mixers

Astra specialises in providing Double Balanced Ring Mixers. These Mixers work over multi octave frequencies up to 18GHz with low LO powers and offer low conversion loss. These Mixers offer an IF frequency range till 4 GHz, with good port to port isolations, High dynamic range and high inter-modulation distortion.

MMIC Switches

Astra provides SPDT and SPST Switches in both Absorptive and Reflective modes. These high performance switches work over a frequency of DC-35GHz with low insertion loss, high isolation and good I/O return losses. The switches are TTL Compatible and switch between states at low switching speeds.

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