Company : Hale Hamilton (Valves) Limited

Category : Airforce

Subcategory : Spares,Components and Ancillaries

Key Products : Portable Charging Units, Charging nitrogen gas systems

Hale Hamilton (Valves) Limited at DSA2014

Hale Hamilton (Valves) Limited at DSA2014 in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia from 14th-17th April 2014 in Hall 4 on Stand 4010P

Hale Hamilton - Admiral Parker with Apprentice group

Hale Hamilton - Admiral Parker with Apprentice group

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Hale Hamilton\'s AUTOCHARGE system implemented on MoD vessels

Hale Hamilton\'s AUTOCHARGE system implemented on MoD vessels

Hale Hamilton's AUTOCHARGE system has been implemented on a number of UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) vessels after a successful trial.

Originally part of a scheme to prove the system as a method of delivering breathing air charging arrangements onboard HMS Ocean, AUTOCHARGE has delivered a number of benefits to the MoD, leading to its implementation on the Royal Navy's latest Type 45 Destroyers.

The AUTOCHARGE System has also been specified by the Indian Navy to be fitted on their latest ASW corvettes currently in build at Garden Reach Shipbuilding and Engineering Limited, in Kolkata.

Hale Hamilton introduces new regulator

Hale Hamilton has introduced its stainless steel high-press dome-loaded regulator to the industrial valve market.

Suitable for service in aggressive environments, the product provides a flow of gas at controlled pressure. Its balancing feature ensures that changes in inlet pressure have almost no effect on outlet pressure.

A valve balanced by a piston can be sized for the required outlet pressure, while selection of easily-adjustable piston sizes and end caps is available.

The stainless steel dome-loaded regulator is aimed at the hydrogen high pressure reduction markets and H2S safety breathing systems. Its fully stainless steel construction eliminates the risk of hydrogen embrittlement issues.

Hale Hamilton has 60 years of experience in the manufacture of valves, and is an expert in safe pressure control and the high pressure market.

Nitrogen portable charging unit launched for non-military sector

Nitrogen portable charging unit launched for non-military sector

Hale Hamilton's hugely successful and highly acclaimed military nitrogen portable charging unit has now been launched into the non-military sector. The portable Nitrogen 2 Go (N2GO) is now available in the civilian market and is expected to prove every bit as successful as the military version.

First used by the UK Royal Air Force, the portable gaseous ground support equipment is now in daily use with foreign military forces in countries far and wide, from Australia to India, Malaysia and Singapore.