Category : Airforce

Subcategory : Electricals and Electronic Components

Key Products : Reliable, high performance military communication solutions

Sucoflex – high performance flexible microwave cable assemblies

Minibend - Truly Flexible Coaxial

EACON - Field Mountable Microwave Assemblies

Performance Line - High Temperature Coaxial Cable

Foam Line - Flexible, Low Attenuation Coaxial Cable

MBX/MMBX - Blind Metable Board-to-Board Connectors

SMP and SMPM – Smallest Threaded Open Source Connector

SEMPTER - Self-extinguishing Gas Discharge Tube Protectors

Data Line Protectors –Series 3407 (twisted pair, Ethernet)

RADOX® MILCAT - Databus Cable for Harsh Environment

EBC - Expanded Beam Connector

Hermetically Sealed Adaptors – Glass- Fired Seal Adaptors

Connectors: XQN/XQMA

Multiport - Microwave Cable Assemblies

Coaxial Surge Protective Device