Company : Reutech (Airforce)

Category : Airforce

Subcategory : Ammunitions, Weapon launchers and mountings

Key Products : GBR 500 transceiver, Air Bomb Fuze

Reutech provides a wide range of products for airborne defence applications suited for fixed and rotary wing platforms. The airborne systems have been used by the South African Air Force and other international system integrators and end-users.


ACR500 airborne transceiver

The ACR500 airborne transceiver is a tactical airborne system with excellent collocation capabilities. A fully synthesised Auxiliary Receiver covering 110 - 400 MHz is provided instead of the traditional fixed channel Guard Receiver

GBR 500 Transceiver

The GBR 500 transceiver is a ground based system operating from either electricity mains or batteries and incorporates all the advanced features of the ACR500. GBR 500 transceiver is intended to provide reliable communications in critical Ground to Air situations such as ATC, Radar and Mobile static positions. A 100% duty cycle allows continuous operation in GBR 500 transceiver whilst fast frequency hopping and high level encryption ensure a secure link under hostile conditions. Options exist for Local Front Panel Operation or Full Remote Control allowing easy integration into any system.

Air Bomb Fuze

Reutech supplies pre-fragmented aircraft bombs fuzes and associated products. The aircraft bomb fuzes are designed and manufactured by a highly qualified and experienced team to globally accepted international standards (MIL-STD, STANAG and ISO). Aircraft bomb fuzes are available for various applications and are suitable for use on Mk80 series and FAB series bombs. The aircraft bomb fuzes are type qualified on various aircraft. Some of the products available in aircraft bomb fuzes are:

  • Jupiter 4 Electronic Proximity Fuze
  • Jupiter 6 Electronic Proximity Fuze

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