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Front end interface of Mil-std 1553 IP cores are suitable where CPU is not present/required, short messages are to be sent over the bus etc. This type of mil-std-1553 IP cores are easy to integrate in designs as there is no need of any software and the data is read or written based on word count or 1553 sub address.

Legacy interface of Mil-std-1553 IP cores are apt for any implementation and incorporate a backend logic that can arrange messages in predefined memory which simplifies the interface between a 1553 bus and local CPU.

The Extended reliability Mil-std-1553 IP cores are suitable for high reliability implementations like space applications. This type of Mil-std-1553 IP cores are already being used by NASA to overcome problems like radiation.

Bus Tester 1553

Sital Technology is specialized in providing 1553 bus testers and bus analysis capability in a compact self contained unit. 1553 bus tester via USB 2.0 interface to any host systems. USB box of 1553 bus tester supports concurrent bus controller and up to 31 remote terminals with bus monitor. 1553 bus tester have error injection and error detection capabilities in BC, RT and MT modes. 1553 bus testers are supplied with driver library and windows GUI that enables data transmission, management, monitoring and storage. Sital offers 1553 bus testers at reasonable rates.

OCTAVA Terminal 1553

OCTAVA 1553 Terminal is a pin-to-pin replacement device for DDC® BU-65178 and BU-61688 that offer compatible software and electrical characteristics.  A board containing 1553 Terminal designed with DDC® BU-65178 and BU-61688 will work seamlessly with OCT-65178 and OCT-61688 without hardware or software changes. Sital Technology excels in the provision of OCTAVA 1553 terminals at economic prices. It offers OCTAVA 1553 terminals with tail code key technology that enhances bus maintenance quality and safety and gives early warning before the functionality of the bus is damaged.

Transceiver Design 1553

The 3.3v 1553 transceiver design is an analog front-end interface solution for 1553 developed by Sital Technology to interface between Sital’s IP core and the MIL-STD-1553 transformer and bus.

It serves as an alternative to commonly available transceiver components.

It offers the following three types of 1553 transceivers

  • DES1553XVR-MIL-STD-1553 Discrete Components Transceiver.
  • BRD1553XVR-Mil-Std-1553 Transceiver board for design purposes.
  • FMC1553XVR-Mil-Std-1553 Transceiver, VITA 57 (FMC) board.

Low cost, low power and flexibility are few features of its 1553 transceivers. Its 1553 transceivers are available at competitive prices.

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