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Paramount Panels UK are a specialist manufacturer of man-machine interfaces, a lighting company, with 50 years experience in the aerospace and defence industry. Paramount Panels UK are involved in the design and manufacture of information panels and associated lighting components since the early 1950’s, originally trading under the name of Thorn Electrical industries. Paramount Panels UK is BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and CAA-EASA Part 21, Subpart G certified.

Paramount Panels UK products cover illuminated control panels,  Tactile Keyboard Panels and switch bezels Annunciator panels, Instrument lighting bridges and bezels,Panel Refurbishment, Instrument Pillar and Post lights, Cockpit Utility lamps Cockpit Lighting Control Knobs, Rheostat dimmers and indicator caps and bases.

Paramount Panels UK  offers free support to aid any application, including consultancy and free advise from concept design to prototypes through to production. A further service  Paramount Panels UK  offers is the design and manufacture of sub-assemblies which, typically comprises the front lightplate together with associated components, including Toggle and rotary switches, potentiometers, displays including EMC screening, control knobs and interface systems.

Paramount Panels UK   technology covers all types of illuminated information panels currently used in the defence and civil markets, and we offer all types of lighting sources, being Filament lamps, LED technology and electroluminescent (EL). And all of our lighting products can be supplied to meet the demanding requirements for NVG and NVIS applications.

Illuminated Control Panels

Illuminated Control Panels, Information Panels, Illuminated Light plates.

Originally designed to satisfy the exacting demands of the aerospace industry,  Paramount Panels UK  facia panels are now specified for a wide variety of other applications and environments where operational integrity and clarity of presentation are essential requirements.

Wide range of illuminated panels generally in accordance with the requirements of MIL-DTL- 7788G (Formally SAE AS7788 or MIL-P-7788), type III, IV, V, VI and VII.

It covers  Integrated indictors and annunciators, Military and aerospace integrated tactile keyboards, Caution Warning front panels, Panel assemblies, including rear mounting plate, populated with hardware and electrical interfaces.

Tactile Keyboard Panels

Tactile Keyboard Panels and switch bezels

Resulting from the expertise developed in the fields of lighting and switching technology during our long association with the Aerospace, defence and commercial industries, Paramount Panels (UK) is able to supply a comprehensive range of panel systems with integrated switches.

Paramount Panels UK  Integrated Switch Panels are front sealed against the ingress of dust and moisture and incorporate high reliability switch components providing positive tactile and audible feed-back. Control and Switch functions may be identified by means of illuminated caps with panel text, and a variety of optional lighting sources being available for this purpose, these being Light emitting diodes (LED), incandescent and electroluminescent (EL). All of these lighting options are available in NVG compatible form, meeting the requirements of MIL-STD-3009 & MIL STD 85762A.

Annunciator Panels Manufacturers

Paramount Panels, in close cooperation with the aerospace industry have developed the technology and processes to enable the integration of sun-light-readable annunciators/Indicators employing LED’s into their range of illuminated panels. The benefits of this advancement include a significant increase in reliability compared with components using incandescent filaments, savings in weight and cost and a reduction in overall envelope size.

Key features of  Annunciator Panels:

  • Option for multi-indicators within the same application package.
  • Laminated construction (total flat finish eliminating the need for window inserts).
  • Secret until lit (dead front) option.
  • Symbols, text or single colour indicators can be incorporated, or a combination.
  • Night vision compatible versions available, meeting the requirements of MIL-STD-3009 and MIL-DTL 7788G
  • Can be incorporated in all panel types, including Tactile Keyboards.
  • Luminance variation curve of the LED annunciators can be matched to other lighting systems within the application, i.e.
  • Incandescent. Therefore, mixed lighting technologies can be utilised within the panel assembly.
  • Sunlight readable, MIL-S-22885, MIL-S-38039
  • Low power consumption compared to traditional incandescent lamp technology
  • Circuitry configured for lighting redundancy.
  • Master Caution/warning Panels
  • Integrated auto dimming facility if required.


Panel Refurbishment

Paramount Panels UK, offers a service for the repair and service of all types of illuminated panel types by REFURBISHMENT to meet specific requirements.

  • Cracked or Broken Panels
  • Non-Illuminated Panels
  • Worn Panels that are in need of a new look
  • Modification to new configuration
  • Conversion to LED lighting
  • Conversion to NVIS Compatible Lighting
  • Reverse Engineering

Post lights

Various designs available in  Instrument Pillar and Post lights, including NVIS versions. Additionally  Paramount Panels UK  manufactures post light caps that interface with other manufacture bases.

Pillar-Lights and Bridges require no introduction, as in non-NVG compatible configurations, they have been in service for many years. NVG compatible versions of these ranges are readily available and provide a direct replacement facility, which is of particular relevance to cockpit conversions.

Paramount Panels UK also offers direct NVG Compatible lighting caps to fit many other manufactures bases. Post Lights are also available in Standard incandescent lighting versions, with illumination colours in Clear, Red, Green and Amber, Short and long stem versions available.

Instrument Bridges

This group of products are designed for specific aircraft instruments, with eyebrow and full 360º illumination. Mainly used in NVG aircraft upgrades.  Often in applications within the aerospace and defence industries there is a need to illuminate instruments and controls by external means.

Paramount Panels UK offer a cost effective and user friendly solution by means of a lighting bezel. Paramount panels Lighting Bezels are planar devices, which incorporate a central aperture through which the face of an instrument can be viewed. Illumination from filtered light sources accommodated within the body of the bezel is directed onto the surface of the instrument through optically designed facets in the wall of the central aperture, therefore illumination of the instrument is projected from around the periphery giving an even lighting solution across the face.

The minimal thickness of the bezel (nominally 6.0 mm) and its’ external shape, which generally follows the contour of the instrument case or group of instruments, restricts to a minimum any interference with the viewers’ line of sight. Flying leads are normally provided for the purpose of electrical connection, it having been established from experience that this method is usually preferred for lighting conversion applications

Cockpit Lighting

A range of products including a new design of a cockpit utility lamp, with LED NVIS white illumination. Other products include indicator caps and bases and rheostat dimmers.

Control Knobs

An extremely comprehensive range of transilluminated knobs, with many options, including shaft sizes, colours and features. Manufactured in accordance with all relevant military standards, the product portfolio includes not just transilluminated knobs but also a comprehensive range of non illuminated versions manufactured in a variety of materials.

  • Night Vision Compatible Versions are available across the complete range.
  • New Variants: Unique manufacturing moulding methods provides low cost tooling.
  • Indicia Variants: Configurations include traditional white, specials, and frosted clear.
  • Knob Colour: FED-STD 595 all colour numbers, and to customers own requirements.
  • Indicia Illumination: In accordance with military specifications or customers own requirements.

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