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Since 1947 Hale Hamilton, has been in the business of the design, development, manufacture, supply and support of high performance, high pressure valves and valve systems, required to perform under critical conditions of pressure, flow & cleanliness, in satisfying the demanding technical requirements of defence customers world-wide. Hale Hamilton is an ISO9001:2000 Company.

Portable Charging Units

Aircraft Ground Support – Carts/ Trolleys & Portable Charging Units (PCU’s)

Hale Hamilton offers a range of  light weight, compact, robust, pressurized gaseous Ground Support Equipment (GSE) for various applications on Military rotary, fixed wing aircraft and UAV’s, and for Civilian applications on Business Jets and Commercial Aircraft. Equipment supplied is suitable for use in the field, on the apron, and in the hangar, for every day checks and for routine maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO). GSE includes single, twin and multi-cylinder charging trolleys/ trailers, supplied in conjunction with partner Newbow Aerospace:

Hamilton is a preferred supplier of Portable GSE to the UK Royal Air Force (RAF) Air Support AS IPT. "N2GO" Nitrogen PCU’s & "O2GO" Oxygen PCU’s to military specification are deployed world-wide by the UK RAF and Nitrogen PCU variants are also in-service in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

Charging nitrogen gas systems

Nitrogen PCU’s to civilian specification are in-service in Europe, the Middle East and Far East supporting Business jets, Civilian airliners and Commercial helicopter operations.

Automated Cylinder Filling

Breathing Air and Diving Air Charging Panels:

Hale Hamilton offer both manual charging panels and the AUTOCHARGE Automated Cylinder Filling (ACF) System.  Diver’s bottles may be charged on board ship from a dedicated Hale Hamilton Charging Panel, often supplied complete with two stage filtration.   The AUTOCHARGE System reduces the risk inherent with the manual control of high pressure air systems, offering a safe, fast and repeatable charging cycle for filling diving air cylinders. Sensor technology allows fill pressures to be selected for different applications, for multiple applications to be filled from the one panel and for cylinder filling from any residual pressure up to 380 bar (5,510 psi). Start, stop & vent operations are made easy by simple, push button controls. Ease of operation means a reduced training requirement. The AUTOCHARGE is a rugged design to withstand shock, vibration & the corrosive marine environment.

Hood Inflation System

Hood Inflation System (H.I.S) Pressure Controller:

Hale Hamilton is considered a Design Authority by many of its Defence customers.  The HIS system valves comprise a primary pressure regulator, a main pressure controller and a charging connection. At the ‘heart’ of the system is the HIS Pressure Controller. This valve is mounted in a submarine’s escape tower and tracks the rising pressure as flooding takes place. It responds to the changing tower pressure, meeting the demand of the submarine escape immersion suit and maintaining a positive air supply to the escaping submariner.

Quick Acting Hydraulic Valve

Quick Acting Hydraulic Valve for Towed Artillery:

Hale Hamilton manufacture and supply quick-acting hydraulic valves used on towed artillery to raise and lower a gun to and from its wheels to its firing position, firmly ‘dug-in’ on the ground. Speed and reliability of valve’s operation is crucial. The environment is physically harsh and such valves must undergo a programme of challenging environmental tests before being accepted on to production units. Hale Hamilton is a supplier on the BAE SYSTEMS Ultra Light-weight Field Howitzer (UFH) gun. The specialist hydraulic valves are used to lower and raise the gun to and from its ground firing position to its towing position.

Military vehicle valves

Hale Hamilton supplies vehicle suspension with gas & hydraulic control valves, either manual or electrically actuated to perform functions such as adaptive damping, depending on the terrain.  Peak load pressures can be extreme and so valves supplied have to undergo rigorous load and cycle testing, together with other environmental soak tests.

Hull Valves for Submarines

Hull valves for submarines:

Hale Hamilton manufacture and supply a range of hull valves, designed to transfer fluids and gases under pressure across a submarine’s pressure hull. Typical applications include: Compressed air, nitrogen and oxygen, potable water, sea-water, grey/ black water, hydraulic oil, fuel oils, and others.

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