Company : BAE Systems

Category : Airforce

Subcategory : Countermeasures, Electronic Warfare and Decoys

Key Products : Laser Warning System, Electromagnetic Armor

BAE Systems undertakes development, delivery and support of advanced defence and aerospace systems for air, land and sea on a global level. The company has business operations spread across US, UK, Australia, Sweden, Saudi Arabia and South Africa with customers and partners in more than 100 countries.

Laser Warning Systems

The latest technological feat of BAE includes laser warning function of the AN/AAR-47(V)2 integrated missile and laser warning system (LWS). BAE systems provide high end laser warning systems used in defence applications. Laser Warning Systems integrate high performance, low cost and highly scalable features of BAE approach. The program for laser warning system assimilates laser detection into the existing envelope of the AN/AAR-47 missile warning system. This capability of laser warning system is accomplished without changes to A-kit wiring and improving overall sensor reliability. Laser warning systems weighs less than 5 ounces and draws less than 3 watts of power. Laser Warning System solutions detect and report laser-guided and aided threats beyond its range. Laser warning systems solution can provides threat class identification and mid-to-high resolution Angle of Arrival (AoA) data instantly. BAE developed laser warning system is the preferred choice with US fighter aircrafts.

Electromagnetic Armor

BAE Systems is the pioneer to test an Electromagnetic Armor (EMA) package integrated onto hybrid-electric drive combat vehicle demonstrator. Electromagnetic armor package with integrated hybrid-electric drive system is the result of cooperative R&D agreement between U.S. Army Research Laboratory and the Army's TARDEC. Multi-hit capability with low weight is illustrated in the successful testing of live-fire electromagnetic armor package on hybrid-electric vehicle demonstrator. Electromagnetic armor provides protection similar to reactive packages. The sustainability of vehicle systems is enhanced by Electromagnetic armor package. The layered approach of electromagnetic armor is for increased soldier protection. Electromagnetic armor uses electricity to bring down shaped charge warheads like Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs). The Electromagnetic armor package has also defeated a shaped-charge threat during live-fire testing at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. Delivery of Electromagnetic armor at lower volumes and weights for Pulse Forming Networks (PFNs) allows a system level integration.

Pilot-Centered Systems

Aircraft Vehicle Management System

BAE Systems has been designing and developing aircraft vehicle management system for 50 years. BAE offers complete aircraft vehicle management system solutions, including flight controls, autopilots, pilot control sticks, inceptors, and throttle assemblies. Aircraft vehicle management systems from BAE are compliant with demanding industry standards. BAE's total aircraft vehicle management system solutions offer increased safety and reduced stress for pilots on modern aircraft. Pilot-centered system, a part of Aircraft vehicle management systems includes fly-by-wire controls, actuation, control electronics, autopilots, and pilot inceptors. Other programs of the aircraft vehicle management systems include Missile launch systems and SEI CMM level 5 software developments. Aircraft vehicle management systems from BAE also deal with safety-critical vehicle systems. Tornado, Typhoon, C-17, F-18, V-22, F-22, F-35, Airbus 320, and Boeing 777 use aircraft vehicle management systems from BAE. The world's first active inceptor system, for the Joint Strike Fighter is a part of BAE aircraft vehicle management system.

Durable Aviation Trainer Simulator

Durable aviation trainer simulator is an advanced system for air traffic control from BAE. The company designs durable aviation trainer simulator as an affordable and easy maintenance system. Standard PCs and COTS hardware are used in all positions of durable aviation trainer simulators. Durable aviation trainer simulator are based on BAE's proprietary simulator engine CATS. The engine assigns functionality to durable aviation trainer simulator which is aimed at many different types of applications. Durable aviation trainer simulator also includes a DATS-tower used for training local and ground controllers in aerodrome control. Durable Aviation Trainer Simulator (DATS)-radar is a simulator for area and approach control training.

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