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Avdel (India) Private Limited is well established group of companies that manufactures special blind rivets in collaboration with Avdel Systems Limited, U.K. Head office based in Mumbai, it provides wide range of fastening systems and other hardware to aircraft, automotive, switchgear, white goods, telecommunications, building & construction, electronics & several other industries. It is an ISO 9001 certified company and acts as distributors & marketing and selling agents for several well known International fastener manufacturing companies, including Acument Global Technologies, Monogram Aerospace fasteners, Clickbond, LongLok, DustBubble & many more. Its product range includes blind fasteners, helicoil thread inserts, self Clinching fasteners, roofing screw, installation tools, solid rivets and other threaded fasteners. Excellent infrastructure facility, strong regional presence, and commendable service back up ensures high degree of customer satisfaction and excellent after sales service to customers.

Blind Fasteners

Blind fasteners are fasteners that can be inserted and tightened without access to inaccessible or blind side of part. Blind fasteners comprise several components like core bolt, body sleeve member and buckle sleeve member. Blind fasteners are commonly used to secure work pieces together when it is otherwise impossible to access blind side of one of work pieces. Accessible work pieces of blind fasteners are referred as accessible side work pieces and inaccessible work pieces are referred as blind side work pieces. Blind fasteners have wide application in aerospace industry. Avdel (India) Private Limited is leading manufacturer of blind fasteners. It provides blind fasteners of various shapes and sizes as per customers’ requirements. It provides blind fasteners at economic prices.

Helicoil Thread Inserts

Helicoil Thread Inserts are made of coiled wire. Helicoil thread inserts are inserted into tapped hole that are larger than desired hole. Helicoil thread inserts are usually over size so that they anchor themselves. Some helicoil thread inserts have tangs to install them while others don’t. Special tools are required to install helicoil thread inserts. Helicoil thread inserts are applied in automotive, communication, aerospace, military and defense industries.

Avdel (India) Private Limited specialized in preparing helicoil thread inserts. Stronger assemblies, no thread wear, corrosion resistance, minimize space & weight, minimize total cost, true clamping torque, wide temperature range, design flexibility, eliminate stress, quality & reliability are features of helicoil thread inserts.

Self Clinching Fasteners

Self Clinching Fasteners are devices, usually threaded, that, when pressed into ductile metal, displaces host material around mounting hole, causing it to cold flow into specially designed annular recess in shank or pilot of fastener. Self clinching fasteners take less space and require fewer assembly operations than caged or anchor nuts. Self clinching fasteners have greater reusability and more holding power than sheet metal screws. Self clinching fasteners are used where good pullout and torque loads are required in sheet metal that is too thin to provide secure fastening by any other method. Self clinching fasteners are economical to use with gaugeable threads. Self clinching fasteners support thinner sheet metal and permit real reduction in installed cost over cost of other fastener designs. Self clinching fasteners provide neat appearance with their compact design and low profile. Avdel (India) Private Limited excels in providing self clinching fasteners at reasonable prices.

Roofing Screw

Roofing screw is most frequently used screw to secure metal roofing. Roofing screw is either self tapping or self drilling screw. Self tapping roofing screws are essential for simplifying metal roofing installation which has neither been factory pre-drilled nor dimple, because they are both faster to secure and reduce risk of injury from snapped screws. Roofing screw manufacturers make two types of roofing screws. First category roofing screws will have sealer cap of metal which is seated directly on roofing material and secured by screw itself. Second category roofing screws will have washers of plastic or rubber integrated into their bodies, which automatically seal holes in roofing as they are inserted. Avdel (India) Private Limited provides high quality and compatible roofing screws.

Solid Rivets

Solid Rivets are oldest and most reliable types of fasteners found in archaeological findings dating back to Bronze Age. Solid rivets have a shaft and head which are deformed with hammer or rivet gun. Solid rivets are used where safety and reliability count. Solid rivets found application in assembling modern aircraft. Solid rivets can be with rounded or countersunk heads. Solid rivets are driven using a hydraulically, pneumatically, or electromagnetically driven squeezing tool or even hand held hammers. Solid rivets can be found in static structures like bridges, cranes and building frames. Avdel (India) Private Limited leads in providing solid rivets. Solid rivets are available at competitive prices.

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