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Astrium GEO-Information Services was created from the former earth observation businesses of Infoterra and Spot Image and has nearly 30 years of experience in developing geo-information solutions.

As a world leading specialist in geospatial data & value-added services, Astrium recognises not only the importance of geography in helping to combat today’s defence and security threats, but also the force multiplier that intelligent information management brings in achieving operational efficiency.

TanDEM-X Satellite Mission

Astrium is able to supply satellite imagery from all commercial imaging systems including WorldView, Quickbird, GeoEye, IKONOS, SPOT, IRS, EROS, Kompsat, FORMOSAT, RapidEye, Landsat plus Radarsat, ERS, ENVISAT, TerraSAR-X and COSMO-SkyMed for synthetic aperture radar applications.

With such wide access, Astrium can provide clients with high quality, multi-resolution merged orthoimagery databases, digital height models which support our cartographic map production services.

We are a major supplier to the international MGCP program with the capacity and expertise to service VMAP2 and Urban VMAP requirements in VPF, GML and ESRI geodatabase formats plus flow lines for bespoke large map scale production with complex attribution and integration into embedded military devices and systems such as simulation, tactical radios, avionics, missile guidance, dismounted situational awareness and many more.

Digital Elevation Models

As a geospatial company which owns and operates both optical (SPOT/Pleiades) and SAR (TerraSAR-X) satellites, plus a variety of survey aircraft we are able to collect data on both global and localised scales.

For high resolution height databases we offer photogrammetric derived off-the-shelf DTM data plus an extensive database of LIDAR derived building elevation models over urban areas, some of which is augmented with 5cms resolution oblique imagery.

For regional and global height databases, we offer 20m resolution (+/- 10m LE90) stereo optical satellite DEMs: Reference 3D. This geo-referenced elevation database equivalent to DTED Level 2 covers in excess of 18 million sq km and is a foundation layer for any application requiring high accuracy, homogenous elevation data.

We are also at the forefront of developing next generation global height databases, which will be derived from the dual TanDEM-X mission. Over a three year mission from 2011 it will collect 150 million sq km using dual SAR sensors. It will create a DEM at 12m resolution with +/- 2m vertical resolution (LE90) equating to DTED3 increasing to DTED Level 4 locally with augmentation.

Visual Simulation and Synthetic Environments

Astrium is a leading provider of terrain data for fixed/rotary wing simulator and mechanized infantry tactical trainer synthetic environments. We have provided vector culture data to support 3D modeling of training and operational areas for a number of pre-deployment tactical training and simulation systems. Astrium skills include sourcing of appropriate satellite and aerial imagery sources to derive both the underlying DEM and orthoimagery base for 3D texturing.

3D Urban modeling tools

Information management is the key to utilising geospatial data in the most efficient manner, especially across enterprises or cloud based computing networks. Astrium has undertaken major SDI design and implementation systems and continues to maintain such installations on behalf of clients. Our expertise includes the implementation interoperability standards such as OGC compliance, database maintenance techniques such as Change Only update, transaction services and also database development tools including catalogue registry/schema design, data harmonization, re-formatting and cleansing. We are distributors for ERDAS Apollo enterprise data management software, plus Google Earth Enterprise and can integrate them into SDI solutions to provide rapidly deployable imagery management systems.

Global Surveillance Service

Astrium provides a range of operational services for clients based on imagery analysis and imagery management providing increased productivity for our clients, such as:

Strategic Site Monitoring – a secure web based service designed to increase strategic national intelligence output whilst retaining fully confidentiality. Users define target Areas of Interest against which alerts will be sent if any new imagery from the combined constellation of SPOT, KOMPSAT, FORMOSAT and TerraSAR-X satellites detects any changes. Users can opt to receive the imagery or an annotated analysis report.

AssetMonitor – aimed at protecting critical infrastructure in the marine environment, this service uses coastal AIS to track ship movement over and around undersea cables. Using geo-fencing via a standard web browser, AssetMonitor automatically issues alerts by email or SMS if vessels stray within the protection zone and/or exhibit unusual behavior.  Able to differentiate between trusted and non-registered or non-compliant vessels, operators via a Network Operations Centre, it notifies vessels to avoid possible damage to infrastructure from drag fishing.

Data Hosting, Archiving and Serving

Astrium operates one of Europe’s largest dedicated geospatial data hosting facilities. Available to not only provide high availability, fully redundant ISO 27001 compliant data repository and live operational data serving, but it includes a full suite of data management services, including preventative maintenance, optional encryption, data backup and recovery. We run a wide variety of business critical 24/7 services for our clients via secure dedicated portal interfaces using Astrium, client-owned or third party licensed geospatial data.

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