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Hohenstein Institute Competence in textiles
As one of the world's leading textile research and testing laboratories, the Hohenstein Institute offers a comprehensive range of testing, research, inspection and consultancy services to the textile industry and numerous associated areas.
Why is wear comfort so essential for successful missions?

Successful missions nowadays often depend on the performance of the tactical clothing & equipment. The soldiers survivability, mobility and stamina is closely linked with wear comfort and fit of the clothing. For wearers of military clothing with high physical activity, it is vital that the clothing system protects from the impact of the environment and that heat and moisture is led away from the body. A perfect balance between performance, comfort and high durability is required.

Hohenstein Institute is uniquely positioned to perform the critical tests necessary to ensure that strict performance requirements are met and, ultimately, the soldier is properly protected to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of military operations.

Clothing physiology: The key to success

By definition, clothing physiology is interaction of body, climate and clothing. With scientific methods the impact of clothing on the wellbeing of the wearer and wear comfort in textiles can be measured and quantified.

One main instrument of clothing physiology is the thermoregulatory model of human skin (Skin Model), which measures heat and moisture management of fabric layers and material combinations. Skin sensorial tests are another significant aspect. For example, garments worn close to the skin should not "cling" to its surface. Five physical test methods to express touch sensations in numbers have been developed. These test methods are special know-how of Hohenstein Institute and are especially important for military clothing, treated for example with insect or flame retarding finishings.
Cut and size of ready-made garments influence heat & moisture management of clothing by ventilation and convection. These influences can only be measured with a thermal manikin (see above). All kinds of clothing, from sports wear via combat uniforms to cold protective clothing, immersion suits and sleeping bags are tested.

Always a step ahead with our extensive experience

Certain issues, however, require customized solutions. Hohenstein is experienced in setting up taylor-made test design to explore specific problems.

For the evaluation of newly developed materials the validation of tests through wear trials on test persons in the climatic chamber
(- 20 C to + 40 C) is essential. A wind machine delivers wind speeds up to 10 m/s.

And last but not least, the Hohenstein Quality Label provides manufacturers with a strong marketing tool in international competition.

Hohenstein; iStockphoto.com/Rockfinder
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